September Desktops


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visual style: ximian desktop 2 by schmoove

wallpaper: mod of official ximian one (added monkey/text)

icons: umicons

trillian pro 2: ichat av skin

yz dock w/ umicons and strafe bg

yz shadow

winamp: advance4 white skin


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New for September! :)

questions, comments, and suggestions always welcome. :D

Theme: Orbital by IoriQ. [ Link ]

Wallpaper: Winter's Breath - Lake by Florian Freundt [hermik]. [ Link ]

Icons: Orbital Icons by Florian Freundt [hermik]. [ Link ]

Samurize Config: SGStats by Space Guy. [ PM Me ]

Winamp Skin: Colour-It-In by frozenchrome. [ Link ]

Taskbar Programs: Samurize, UltraMon, Meaya Popup Ad Filter, Rivatuner. [ PM Me ]

Click For Larger Desktop


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My September desktop :cool:

VS: Noir

Wallpaper: CubeS2

Y'z Dock: Brushed Metal background

Winamp: Riposte V2 (Red)

Samurize: Own script


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Visual Style: Reluna: Blue, unreleased

Wallpaper: Seven, unreleased.... i lub my crappy tablet ;p

nice, I love ff7 , those aren't the luna buttons are they? , they look different better actually. :)

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