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Everyone seems to be pinching pennies these days and now a new website is helping medical marijuana users get great deals by borrowing an idea from Groupon, reported Friday.

WeedMaps is akin to a restaurant guide for pot users by highlighting which dispensary sells what. And now it is offering daily coupons and discounts on medicinal weed.

Call it Groupon for ganja, though site founder Justin Hartfield is quick to note the differences between the two.

"It's only like Groupon in the sense that there's a new deal every day," he said. "We're not accepting money from end users." Groupon customers buy merchandise online, he explained, meaning subscribers rely on the daily coupon website itself to handle the transactions.

With Daily Deals, users sign up for a daily email from WeedMaps and take the secret codes it supplies straight to the store to make their purchases. The site negotiates directly with the dispensaries themselves to get cut-rate pricing, offering as much as 50 percent off deals, Hartfield said.

"With our discounts, the customer redeems that discount at the dispensaries themselves," Hartfield explained. That takes the legal question out of the equation, he noted. In other words, WeedMaps is not selling customers the sweet dope they crave, just telling them that there's a great deal and where they have to go to get it.

"We're helping patients find their best medicine for the best price," he said.

And customers have signed on in droves. The site has been live for just over a week, and Hartfield noted that more than 3,000 people have already signed up in 12 regions for the service.


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