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Router causing erratic speeds and lost packets?



Since Thursday last week, I have notice my connect to the net has been unstable. Speed tests and ping tests have shown inconsistent results. After going through tech support (Virgin Media) and getting now where, even on their support forums and I am no better off.

After a lot of testing myself I think the problem is down to my router, my desktop connected straight to the modem shows consistent test results.

The router I have is a D-Link DIR-615, supplied by Virgin Media, I have reset this to factory defaults and re-setup. Using inSSIDer 2 I have searched for a good wifi channel.

But I am still having inconsistent speeds and pings, on both wired and wireless connections. I am constantly kicked from xbox live, PSN and PC online game (or suffer from sever lag)

How can I prove that my router has a problem?

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+John Teacake

Buy another one or borrow one and test it.

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"my desktop connected straight to the modem shows consistent test results."

So you disconnecting your router and connecting directly to your modem? Or your doing this both at the same time?

I would assume your on DSL based connection not cable?? So I am guessing is double nat, which "could" in theory cause you all kinds of grief -- in "theory"

What is the make and model number of your "modem" I am betting its a gateway device, ie modem/router as well.. You have no need for another router - unless your using it as a accesspoint only??

If you modem is, and your router is that could cause you all kinds of non working internet ;)

Its RARE, when you have to double nat - RARE!!! I would suggest never if at all possible. Look on your dir 615, what does it show for its internet IP? If private then your behind a double nat! Don't do that -- is your internet better now? If not then sure could be router is bad.

Please post the model number of your "modem" device so we will know if does nat or not.

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