[hands on] HTC Arrive vs. Samsung Focus: Final Update April 6th

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Final Update April 6th

I am wrapping up my ongoing comparison of the two devices, and to ebay goes my Samsung Focus.

Here is the final posting:

HTC Arrive vs. Samsung Focus - WP7 Not Yet Ready For Landscape Keyboarding

My conclusion is that both devices are great. My biggest disappointment with the HTC Arrive is not hardware related, but just the pains associated with an early mobile OS. I hope Mango will add more landscape functionality, and that Facebook will update their app to support the form factor.


March 28th Update:

I compare gaming on the two devices. This is the second to last update in this installment. There is a video this time to boot!

Link>>> Gaming on the two devices

What I am finding from these comparisons is that the HTC Arrive isn't as bad as I originally thought it would be. It is really surprising me as a quality device. My biggest issue, which I will cover in the last installment is the value of having a keyboard on a WP7 device - unless you are a huge texter or are writing a book on the go. (Maybe I should write a novel on this thing! That would be cool.)

Enjoy the comparison.


I got an HTC Arrive this week to compare to my Samsung Focus. I will be comparing the two devices over the next few days.

Thoughts and pictures at the links. I will just update this one thread as I put up additional comparisons through the next few days.

Initial Impressions

Initial impression: Impressed. This is an extremely nice slider phone, and while it has a little more heft and bulk than I prefer in a phone, the keyboard is a pleasure to use, and the device screams quality.

Camera Comparison

I believe the Focus has the better camera, as I prefer more natural shots that I can then go post process.

Let me know if there is anything specific you want me to compare, and if it isn't too unreasonable, I'll add it to my list of things to compare.

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Bumping this for the final update in my ongoing series taking a look at the Focus and Arrive.


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