Family Surprised With $150K Lottery Check


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COLUMBUS, Ohio ? A Columbus family who was nearing the end of unemployment benefits received a big surprise on Tuesday when they were informed that they won the lottery.

David Loomis bought a lottery ticket last year at the Walford Market, 10TV News reported.

On Tuesday, he was surprised by market employees and lottery officials, who told him he had won $150,000.

He thought he had won a drawing for a free hat and a mug, but had no idea about the money, which comes just as his unemployment benefits were set to expire.

Loomis said he lost his job and had hit the deadline for unemployment benefits.

"I just started crying because we never win anything," said Loomis' wife, Beth Loomis. "This morning I walked the dog and found a dollar and thought 'I guess this might be our lucky day.' I guess it is his lucky day."

The family plans to use the money to pay off bills and possibly for a down payment on a house.


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