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Television has been evolving and changing since it?s invention. From black and white to color, antennae to cable and satellite, analog to digital, (I?m ignoring 2-D to 3-D) it never remains constant for very long. In today?s world, you have DVR, Apple TV, Google TV, Netflix, online streaming, and like 15 other options. You have a nearly indefinite number of ways of viewing your favorite shows and movies. This is by no means limited to just us adults, as my children are slowly becoming spoiled with the DVR and having their favorite shows/episodes readily available. Where it used to be VHS tapes and DVDs being played over and over, it?s now the DVR, much to my dismay Dora (IF that?s even your real name!) However, as simple and as nice as that sounds, there is still no safety net to guarantee your kids only watch what you want your kids to watch if you?re busy in the kitchen or occupied and drowning out the constant whining of Olivia. This is where Ameba TV comes in to save the day! Designed by a parent, for parents, Ameba TV offers a set top box which allows access to a wide variety of children?s programing, offers easy controls where the children and navigate through the selections themselves, and best of all, the selection of programing on the box itself is fully controlled by the parents.

The people behind Ameba TV were kind enough to send me one of their set top box units for review. (They also offer their service over the web and through Roku set top boxes.) Admittedly, up front, I was a little hesitant regarding the unit, but after playing with it and using it on and off for about a month now, I have to say my initial hesitance was misplaced as not only do my kids and I both enjoy the unit, I also see great possibilities for this unit down the road if they choose to expand on it.

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