'Anonymous' Plans Sony Boycott on April 16

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If they really wanted to screw Sony over they should just get the Metldr key from Geohot. That would certainly **** Sony....although it would also **** game publishers as well.

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Source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2383344,00.asp

So now, if anyone actually attends anyone of these for real, they'll end up harassing innocent people going to the shops...

Anonymous is staging a 24-hour, in-store boycott at Sony stores around world on Saturday, April 16. So far over 1,000 people have RSVP'd through Facebook.

Really Anonymous < Facebook. Wow Ironic at best.

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anonymous is so disorganized, when will they realize they arn't what they think they are... first infighting, now on one careing... why do we even pay attention to these people?

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We also asked what was meant by ?positive initiative? and many Sony reps said they were advised when asked what the signs outside meant:
Defending free speech

That they were to tell customers that this was referring to Skype being built-in to their Internet TV?s, the PSP Go and the upcoming NGP ? this in turn resulted in increased sales specifically for televisions with the Skype function.

I have to admit, that is actually a pretty creative way to handle the situation. Those guys outside with the signs are pretty excited about Skype! :laugh:

Not really surprised to see this fail, and with the whole GeoHot/Sony lawsuit over with, Anonymous has almost no momentum anymore. They should just go back to attacking Bank of America. At least that was a just cause.

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