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Correct, they've been talking about this for years.


I found this amusing, studying who and where, more Mozilla **, no ones asked me and I've never heard of these (Geolocation and telemetry on results?) 'user studies', anyone else?,


We’re currently running a series of user studies to make sure we understand how users search


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20 hours ago, BudChekov said:

Other browsers DO  have it, do your homework,  also with 32 search engines remembering 'keywords' is a joke.

I barely use that confusing mess better known as the 'awesome bar, me thinks the moz devs don't have a clue how to use the search bar.

You might be pleased to know that the address bar in version 55.0a1 (Nightly) now looks much like a replica of the search bar, complete with a "search with" panel exactly like the current search bar. The only thing missing is a "Paste and Search" option in the context menu. In this version at least, the search bar seems totally redundant.

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Where's one of the most important features of the Search Bar, search term history?

With a little code or the right Theme, still viewable on a dropdown;  click the v in the SB, on the right.


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