XP-upgrade? over old, or clean.

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Hmm, I've got windows XP beta CD.

I installed it on a separate HDD. (disabled my regular discs in bios)

Works like a charm :)

I heard there are problems when upgrading over a previous installation of windows.

How willl the final, win-xp upgrade over win98/ME?

convert to ntfs?

e-mail inbox import?


maybe first un-install all possible "not" compatible progs and then upgrade? :s

I can do a "clean" install of windows ME and import my previous settings (favorites,e-mail inbox,adressbook,etc..)

Can anybody get more info on this?

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Basically the Upgrade feature of all Windows version has been pretty poor.

I upgraded from Win98 without NE problems, though WinXP crashed becasue it didn't like my computer [it crashed even when I did a clean install]. The annoying thing with upgrading is that WinXP is quite different and it keeps your settings, which means that you don't experience XP like most people [how it was intended]. But if you know XP [like you do] and you don't want to do a clean install, XP doesn't throw up any problems if you upgrade.

Don't worry about incompatible programs. You can uninstall them later, though it's recommended to uninstall them first. WinXP will NOT allow them to run, and you CAN'T put them into compatability mode so there's no worry that you can run it accidentally and screw up your system.


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I upgraded Win ME to Win XP RC2; it went without a hitch.

Windows XP will clean install your OS when upgrading from Windows 98/Me, and it will retain your settings and programs.

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I have used "win95 upgrade" like this :

-format c:

-bootfloppy with cdrom support

-run setup from "win95 upgrade" cd-rom

-installed on clean HDD (remember did run format c: )

-halfway setup it asked for a win3.0 or win3.1 diskette

-put my win3.1 diskette in drive, it checked out okay

-"win95 upgrade" continued

could win xp upgrade do the same as long as you have an original disk/cdrom at hand?

and infact do a clean install :)

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You can do this, but you must have a Windows 98/NT 4 or later CD; Windows 95/NT 3.51 or earlier are not supported.

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