San Francisco may vote on banning male circumcision


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I was responding in specific to Delta's post. Many points were posted in counter to yours as well. You haven't struck any nerves, so don't feel too proud of yourself. Delta struck a nerve though, but it wasn't because of any skillful debating on his part.

Furthermore, I've already had enough arguing with you in particular. It always goes in circles. I'm happy to let someone else answer you though... or not. I don't really care.

Do you know why it goes in circles? Because you have nothing logical or reasonable to contribute about circumcision. Just because Judaism says you should cut yourself doesn't mean anybody has to do anything. You're stuck with your ridiculous obsessive ritualistic logic. And now you say you don't really care; yet you cared enough to respond to Delta's post with some more bull ****.

Go back to reading the 18+ pages in this thread before you mouth off again.

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