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Learn a forum rule: Trolls and Trolling

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Yorak    416

If flame-bait threads are opened, we should be allowed to feed the troll. We can have a "Douche Topics" subsection of General Discussion and move all troll-esque topics there for our members to feed and grow it.

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+Frank B.    7,149

It has been re-evaluated time and time again :p

But for all the bad that happens, the good out-weighs it I suppose. I've suggested a few times to bin it, but after discussing it (in a staff forum topic) it was decided that we should keep it.

Currently we're still looking to assign dedicated IRC moderators.

As for who shouldn't be moderating IRC, maybe that's better discussed in a PM with your reasoning.


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mrchetsteadman    476

It could be. Context is always important. It is one the few words where the truth might set you free.

Other personal attacks, like calling someone an asshat/hole, is going to get you a warning even if we, as moderators, (privately) agree that the other member is one.

This is ONE of the reasons I respect Mr. fred666. You are always honest even if it IS behind the scenes. You aren't a robot just following orders.

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qdave    159
Trolling is the art

Never knew that trolling is an art :D

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TCA    116

I can't help myself. But, I like the rule though


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The Evil Overlord    18,437

As a Self Confessed troll, I take exception to this branding, :p

^This is a trollpost imo

Mostly harmless, someone may find it funny, not intended to imply any kind of flamebait (so far as I can see <but then I'm no psychologist> )

Unfortunately, there are users who have taken this to a whole other level, and rightly so, have been banned, I hope this new look/new feel forum isn't going to turn nazi-esque over 'a little harmless fun from time to time'.

Never knew that trolling is an art biggrin.gif


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MikeM97    205

Q. What is a troll?
A. A troll is someone who will state something only with the intention of stirring up controversy.

Q. What is trolling?
A. Trolling is the art of taking a civilized discussion and turning it into a battleground through the use of over-the-top opinions or unverified claims that incite others. It can also be called "flame baiting" since the practice often is intended to get other members to respond emotionally with personal attacks.

Since I know this term,I'm definitely not agree with it as much it's not implying overreacting issues,arguing with others without being stroke,just to be on the top.

You can't ask a bullied person to not jump over in its defensive way...Discussion may include little social wars,the red edge won't come up unless it's about someone's life integrity.

Although,it's side-by-side judging...what I did consider genuinely wrong,you did take as an innocent joke and so on...

Then comes the 3rd party,which will actually pin in the already taken decision instead of changing it in the other's favor.


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