0 Day Excel flaw for sale on eBay

According to The Sydney Morning Herald today someone is selling code for an undiscovered bug in Microsoft's Excel application.

The code is "0 day", zero day means information that is not publicly available and is
used to describe security vulnerabilities exploits which are
unknown to security professionals. According to the seller the bug was found 3 days ago and the seller has made Microsoft aware of the issue.

"So, since I was unable to find any use for this by-product of
Microsoft developers, it is now available for you at the low
starting price of $0.01 (a fair value estimation for any Microsoft
product). A percentage of this sale will be contributed to various
open-source projects."

As a special offer, he said Microsoft representatives who bid
would get 10 per cent off the price they offered. "To qualify,

must provide @microsoft.com e-mail address and must mention
discount code LINUXRULZ during checkout," the seller specified.

View: The Sydney Morning Herald Article

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