'The Interview' can now be streamed via YouTube, Google Play, and Xbox Video

Sony has announced that The Interview is available for steaming online via YouTube, Google Play, Xbox and its own website. The movie will not be free though, it will cost $6 to rent and $15 to buy.

The news comes as Sony reversed its decision to pulled the movie from theaters. After hackers broke into Sony's systems and stole data, Sony caved in to their demands to pull the movie.

After last minute negotiations, YouTube, Google and Xbox all agreed to distribute the movie today; it comes after a similar deal with Apple's iTunes fell through. The move is considered historic as it will be the first movie of its kind to be release in theaters and online at the same time.

The hackers, calling themselves "Guardians of Peace," demanded the movie be withdrawn because it features a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Sony caved in to the demands after the personal details of current and former employees were leaked.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said it "has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible" for the hack; North Korea denied involvement.

President Obama said pulling the movie was a mistake and it sets a bad precedent, saying "We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here."

You can watch a trailer of the movie above but we are curious, are you planning on streaming the video now that it has been released?

Source: Google | Microsoft

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