1 TB Xbox One console spotted on Amazon ahead of E3

Former Microsoft exec Don Mattrick shows off the 500 GB Xbox One at its 2013 launch

Microsoft may soon be announcing a new Xbox One console with 2x as much storage, priced around $50 more than current consoles.

The new console, which sports a 1 TB hard drive and a $399.99 price tag, was spotted on online retailer Amazon today before quickly being pulled down. Its release date was listed as June 15, which is the date of Microsoft's media briefing at this year's E3 conference -- suggesting an announcement and related launch the day of their briefing.

The console's description also listed a controller with a 3.5mm headphone jack, something long sought after by Xbox owners who wanted to use their standard headsets for gaming.

Current Xbox One consoles are priced at a standard $350 and include a 500 GB hard drive, meaning the forthcoming 1 TB console may be an economical purchase at only $50 more for late adopters who haven't yet embraced the current console generation.

And for those who are console gamers and haven't yet purchased an Xbox One, now may be a good time - considering the upcoming release of Bethesda's long-anticipated Fallout 4, which by all accounts will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Amazon page is currently inaccessible, but we'll have more information on the console and the rest of Microsoft's offerings for 2015 at this year's E3 in less than two weeks. In the mean time, check out the rest of our Microsoft coverage here.

Source: Amazon via Windows Central

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