$100 iPotato XI using an Android charger bought from dodgy van

There is a van driving around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with balloons and a "Black Friday sale" sign taped to its side. As legitimate and normal as this may seem, if you are tempted to buy an iPhone from this van, please check your purchase before you leave the van. Some customers are unhappy with the box of potatoes that they have received instead.

This is what happened to a local woman, who went to the van to get a start on her Christmas shopping. The van was filled with all sorts of electronics like laptops and phones, but amazingly also had things like clothes and bundles of hair. She was interested in an iPhone 6 which she inspected, tested, and handled in the van. The man running the "Black Friday sale" van told her he could give it to her for a special price of $100.

As she had checked the phone and was happy that it was working, having also received a very official looking folded sheet of paper with all of the phone's details, and knowing its billing date was only next month, the woman made her purchase and left the van. She was given a box that she thought held her new iPhone 6 and returned home to configure her new purchase.

When she opened the box at home she was surprised to find that there was no iPhone 6 inside, but instead 11 badly chopped chunks of potato. The woman had clearly been scammed and is outraged. In the thief's defense he did include a charger, neatly folded in the correct compartment. However, the potatoes appear to use an Android charger.

It is not uncommon to hear about scams involving iPhones, but these are often based online and aim to steal a customer's banking or personal details. This is the first scam that we have come across that involves potatoes.

For anyone thinking of purchasing from the "Black Friday sale" van, it is highly recommended that you not be dazzled by its balloons and fantastically cheap bundles of hair. Focus. Inspect your purchase and the contents of its box before you leave. Even if you are looking for the 11 potatoes for $100 deal, there is no guarantee that you will be as fortunate.

Source and Images: Daily Mail

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