144 Windows Phones connected to form one large screen

A group of Windows Phone devices formed part of a pretty remarkable achievement in what is being called a new world record. A new YouTube video (via WMPoweruser.com) shows off the team's efforts to link a whopping 144 smartphones running on Microsoft's mobile OS together to form one large video screen. The project was launched at the recent TechDays 2012 event in Helsinki, Finland.

In basic terms, a video file is sent via WiFi to all of the smartphones in the group. A separate Windows Phone device sends out the video and WiFi signal to the 144 devices placed in the video wall; the host phone acts like a server for the entire wall.

When the WiFi signal is sent, it goes to three WiFi routers that are set up behind the Windows Phone video wall and then the video is split up so that each of the 144 smartphones shows a piece of the video running to the public.

A company called Symbio, which offers a number of mobile and web-based software products and solutions, created the massive Windows Phone wall. The team claims that their impressive achievement is a new world record for linking up smartphones to run a video. The previous record holder was 72 smartphones, which were based on the Android OS.

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