2 Reviews, Mini PC and a PSU

Here is another SuperSized news for a Friday lunchtime, sent in by the respective sites webmasters enjoy a review on a small PC and a PSU unit.

Shuttle XPC SS40G "Mini Computer System"

We just finished putting up our review of the Shuttle XPC SS40G "Mini Computer System". Here are some details,

"It's inevitable. As electronics manufacturers continue to push the "technology envelope" things seem to shrink. Take cell phones for example. The first cellular phones to hit the market were monstrously huge "bag phones" and "brick phones". Years later and you now have manufacturers building cellular phones that will barely fit in the palm of your hand. Shuttle's answer to "shrinking technology" is their line of Mini Computer Systems dubbed "XPC"."

View: Shuttle XPC SS40G "Mini Computer System" @ Tweakers Asylum

Just Cooler SP-300 Silent PSU Review

Tweakers Australia has just posted a review of the Just Cooler SP-300 silent 300 watt power supply. Here's a snip:

As I was saying before, there can be many problems with having a cheaper PSU. For example, a cheaper power supply has the ability to die on you, and unfortunately sometimes it's not just the power supply that will fail to respond anymore, but the motherboard also. Voltage sag is another common problem that is going to happen more in cheaper power supplies relating to their poor quality components and design. There are three primary outputs when it comes to the modern power supply, and the only outputs that are required to supply a decent amount of current are the 12Volt, 5Volt and 3.3Volt lines. Overloading one of these will cause the voltage to sag or regularly vary, resulting in decreased stability at the risk of frying some hardware.

View: Just Cooler SP-300 Silent PSU Review @ Tweakers Australia

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