2002 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Reviewed

January 7-11, 2001 - Las Vegas, Nevada, Paul Thurrott and Keith Furman were lucky enough to attend the "2002 Consumer Electronics Show" here is a short snip from their review, the rest including snapshots can be viewed at the Supersite for Windows;

"Monday night, we attended the Gates keynote address, which wasn't as boring as many of his recent speeches. Microsoft's Freestyle and Mira technologies are genuinely exciting, though they're probably almost a year from fruition. The Microsoft employees we spoke with at the post-keynote reception were even more conservative, stating that they expected these technologies to require numerous iterations and several years before they would be mainstream. We're not so sure about that: Freestyle, especially, is pretty mature and in the same state that Windows Media Player 8 was when we first previewed it six months before it was completed."

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