2010's Top Ten Most Addictive Android Games

2010 has come and gone, but its games still remain. It was an extraordinary year for the Android in general. We saw our favorite phone outsell the iPhone on US soil for the first time, some major UI changes, and cheered as released apps passed the 100,000 mark. But best of all, 2010 brought us some truly awesome gameplay! Here's our list of the top ten most addicting Android games of 2010!

Angry Birds

What is it about those greedy little pigs? Why does knocking down their fortresses feel so darn good? Is it the sweet, sweet taste of revenge that makes Angry Birds so addictive? We may never know, but it's the long-standing #1 Android game and no surprise to anyone to see it on this list.

Shoot U

It's a simple game with quick, to-the-point levels and a laid-back doodle style to match. Yeah, all you have to do is aim your cannon at the right angle to hit a silly star target, but it's not as easy as it sounds, really. And that makes this game very challenging and very, very addictive.

Slice It!

Maybe we're all a little obsessive compulsive inside. Because more than beating levels and rising to new challenges, there's something inherently rewarding and sweetly addictive about slicing shapes into perfectly even halves. Just be careful you don't start cutting things in half in real life!

Fishin' 2 Go LITE

Any repetitive behavior followed by reward can become habit, but it's when the rewards are randomly interspersed with no reward at all that the behavior becomes most addictive. It's why gamblers can't quit and this game is so, so, so hard to put down! Stunning graphics make it even harder.

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