21 First Person Shooters you shouldn't have missed

The first person shooter genre is indisputably one of the most popular among PC gamers and has been for well over a decade. Whether it is for the technological leaps that a game has brought with it, the unseen interactivity for its time or just the plain fast-paced action that is fun to play, every couple of years there is at least one such great title that makes people drool incessantly until its finally out there for public consumption.

Yet, unfortunately with the staggering number of games that get released year after year, its not hard to miss the target and never come to play some of the best games this genre has to offer. Even some titles that have been critically acclaimed for some reason just dont click with consumers and their fate inevitably leads to becoming one of those hidden gems of yesteryear, likely to never surface again.

We have come up with a list of 21 first person shooters that any serious FPS player shouldnt have missed. The usual suspects obviously had to make it, but youre also sure to find some other oldies that you either didnt give a fair chance or just missed in the process. Simply put, we are going to take you on a stroll down FPS memory lane.

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