$35 Raspberry Pi PC hacked to stream AirPlay video

A few days ago, we posted word that the developers of the ultra-cheap Raspberry Pi PC have begun production of the $35 model. While the company has yet to announce a launch date for the PC, or its even cheaper $25 brother, it looks like the developers of the PC are having a little bit of fun while we wait for the final launch.

In a post this week on the Raspberry Pi web site, the team showed off a video where the PC was hooked up, via the HDMI port, to a regular television. The developer created a hack that allowed for Apple's AirPlay wireless connection to link up the Raspberry Pi PC to an iPad that's running the YouTube app.

The final result is that the Raspberry Pi PC got to stream a YouTube video featuring dancing cows on a TV via the iPad Airplay hack.

There are no details given on how this hack was created and there's no word on why the Raspberry Pi team would create such a hack other than to simply have a good time. Hopefully we will get to see the actual PC go on sale in the very near futures.

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