360-degree Photos: Microsoft's Story Remix is back to its original name

At Microsoft's Build 2017 developer conference this year, the company announced the Story Remix app as part of the Fall Creators Update. While we learned that this was going to end up being a feature of the Photos app, Insiders last week were surprised that the app was renamed to Story Remix.

The change sparked a fair bit of outrage on the internet, and a satisfying amount of snark.

But since then, Microsoft has changed the name of Story Remix to Photos & Videos, and now it's come full circle and is back to being called Microsoft Photos.

Right from the start, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc told Insiders that the company is testing different names, and it's not final. The fact that it's back at its original name shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, especially given how much the Windows community seemed to hate the name Story Remix for an app that most people probably won't use for the Story Remix feature.

Of course, the Fall Creators Update is still at least a month out, so Microsoft still has time to change it back.

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