37 arrested in massive FBI cyber sting operation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved in a massive online sting operation that has now led to the arrest of 37 people today all over the world. ABCNews.com reports that a number of the people arrested were based in the US, including three in New York City and several in California and other locations.

The story says that the FBI set up their own website in 2010 to lure their suspects. A number of them allegedly traded stolen credit cards in the FBI-run online forum, along with other information such as driver licenses and more. The FBI, working with other law enforcement authorities, then arrested the suspects in 12 countries on four continents.

Reuters reports that just one of the three people arrested in New York City has been identified so far. Joshua Hicks, who also goes by the online handle "OxideDox," alledgedly bought 15 stolen credit card accounts on the FBI's sting website from an undercover agent. He has been charged one count of access device fraud.

More details about the online sting are expected to be revealed later today. One unnamed source said that this operation could have prevented "hundreds of millions of dollars" from being stolen.

Source: ABCNews.com

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