3D Realms shuts down

Just when we thought that long delayed Duke Nukem forever has made some progress, bad news arises. According to Shack News, Duke Nukem's developer, 3D Realms has shut down due to funding issues.

However, Apogee Software and Deep Silver has said that the shutdown will not affect the development of Frontline Games' upcoming handheld Duke Nukem Trilogy.

Unfortunately for Duke Nukem forever, its publisher Take-Two has stated that it was not funding the development of the 3D Realms project, and now the future of the game remains uncertain.

A statement by Take-Two VP of communications Alan Lewis said, "We can confirm that our relationship with 3D Realms for Duke Nukem Forever was a publishing arrangement, which did not include ongoing funds for development of the title. In addition, Take-Two continues to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever."

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