5Gb iPod for $199 at Apple Store

Thanks go to timdorr in our Neowin - Macintosh Forum for spotting this nice deal...

From news on DealNews and MacMinute, it appears that Apple is offering factory-refurbished 5GB iPods for US$199, from the "Special Deals" section of the online Apple Store.

The page notes that the iPod is the model with the "original touch wheel" and it's the original 5Gb iPOD for Mac, and comes with Headphones (new earbud-style), Apple iPod Power Adapter, Apple FireWire Cable (2m), and CD with iTunes (not sure if it's the current release but you can always download it!) and comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.

So if you want to get on the bandwagon and grab an original Mac iPod for a rock bottom price, go to the Apple store where you will find ordering details... I presume that if they are getting rid of the 5Gb iPod (reduce inventory, that sort of thing), they are planning on "upgrading" the iPod, as one poster on our forums points out...

    Silvorgold says... ... the 5 gig ipod probably WILL get discontinued in january at MWSF.

    One of my friends says theres going to be some sweet new features on the new ipods in january... even tho he wasnt told what features what would be featured, but there will be price decreases for sure, possibility of another 20 gig model to be added, and a model higher than 20 gigs...

    Theres also been rumors of a color screen ipod.. but i doubt it...

A colour screen iPod would be really neat...

News source: Apple Store - iPod (5GB) with original touch wheel

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