64 bits. What does it offer, and what does it not?

Good question. And here is the answer in a single sentence: We have everything and still, we have nothing. Of course, this sounds cynical and highly biased. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. It will probably be best for us to take a look around. A detailed analysis

64-bit systems have been around for more than a decade now, but we have just begun to take a closer look at them. One possible reason: the 64-bit technology has only recently become available. Desperate ones and those not paying attention still have the opportunity to build 32-bit computers today. If we make the rights choice, we can have a 64-bit system for the same amount. It happens that we get a 64-bit computer in the end, even though that was not a priority. And this is point. We can see a trend of 32-bit parts (motherboards, CPUs) losing ground even in the lower market segments. If this tendency is to continue, it will be only a matter of months before 64-bit systems achieve complete domination of the market. But that alone is not enough as there is also a need for suitable software. This is the bottleneck today, standing in the way of widespread distribution. But before we move on to get a more detailed insight, let us have a brief history lesson:

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