97% of Windows Phones are Lumias; 1 in 40 handsets now running Windows 10 Mobile

Advertising platform AdDuplex has published its latest statistics breaking down various insights from across the Windows Phone platform, which includes a few interesting tidbits. The data used in its report was collected during a 24-hour period (on June 23), and the details were published on the company's blog today.

Perhaps the most significant insight is in the worldwide breakdown of manufacturers, which shows that Microsoft's Lumia range now makes up a staggering 96.74% of devices in the Windows Phone ecosystem, followed by HTC, Samsung and Huawei.

This indicates that, despite Microsoft's success in signing up dozens of new hardware partners to the platform over the last 18 months or so, the collective Windows Phone sales of all of those companies combined still lags far behind the Lumia range.

It's perhaps a little surprising that such a high proportion (13.6%) of devices remains on Windows Phone 8.0, given that most devices were eligible for upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1. Almost 77% of handsets run 8.1, but even more notable is the surprisingly large slice of the pie made up of phones running Windows 10 Mobile.

While Windows 10 will launch for PCs next month, the Mobile version isn't expected until the last quarter of this year. As development work continues on Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has released several Insider Previews of the new OS - including build 10149 on Friday - and they've evidently proved fairly popular. According to AdDuplex, Windows 10 Mobile is currently running on 2.5% - or 1 in every 40 - of all Windows handsets.

Other key takeaways include the fact that AT&T is the largest US carrier for Windows Phone, with over a third of American handsets connecting to its network; and that the Lumia 520 is still the most widely used Windows Phone, almost two and a half years after it was first unveiled.

The report also includes details of the most popular handsets in several key Windows Phone markets, including Brazil, Italy and India, among others.

Check out the full slide deck regarding AdDuplex's findings below:

Source: AdDuplex

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