A Microsoft certificate at eight

"I want to build a computer that will respond to brain waves and dispense with the need to use hands," says Mridul Seth, his fingers almost a whir as he punches the keys of a laptop.

Fresh from Bangalore where he successfully passed Microsoft's online test on the software programmes devised by the firm, Mridul logs in to a site on Sikkim.

Within seconds, the screen changes to the site's homepage, then to another on the hill state's telecommunication.

"There is a lot more to do. Computers are like a gateway to a larger world for me," says the shy eight-year-old designer of the two portals on the state that is also his home.

Later, as he prances about in the lawn with some other children without a trace of the earlier seriousness, it is difficult to believe he is the youngest Microsoft Certified Software Engineer, one of the most sought-after degrees for software professionals.

News source: The Telegraph - India

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