A new scam has surfaced promising users a Nintendo Switch emulator

It has been roughly a month since the Nintendo Switch was released and the replenishment of units at local retail stores and online outlets has been scarce. While Nintendo will undoubtedly supply additional stock in the near future, there is a new scam going on that tries to pray on those looking to emulate the Switch console on their PCs.

According to Symantec, there have been websites offering tools for those that want to emulate the Switch. If unfamiliar, a software emulator allows a PC user to run games on computer hardware without having the original console or its software components. YouTube has been a popular haven, offering demos and tutorials on how these tools work with links to the software download in the description.

Unfortunately, like most things that are too good to be true, the emulator is nothing but a scam. Once the software is downloaded, users are prompted to fill out a survey in order to receive an unlock code. In reality, these surveys are just ways for affiliates to make money, leaving eager gamers without an emulator, or worse, their computers infected with some form of malware. These "emulators" are available for the both the Mac and Windows operating systems. If you encounter anything similar to this, be sure to take heed, and avoid at all cost.

Source: Symantec via CNET

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