A Windows 8 tablet you can take to the bath? Maybe...

Having a Windows 8-based tablet device to surf the net, write some emails or get some work done is definitely handy, but what if you wanted to take a bath while reading an eBook or watching a movie on your tablet? That doesn't sound likely, does it? However, Fuijtsu may have a solution in store for people who want to do exactly that.

Engadget reports that the company showed off a Windows 8 version of its Arrows Tab tablet at a recent trade show in Asia. The tablet was actually announced some time ago, but it was running on Android 3.0. That device was promoted at the time as being waterproof and Stuff.tv reports that the company showed the Android version of the tablet at CES 2012 that was turned on while inside a fish bowl full of water.

Imagine using a Windows 8 tablet in this setting ....

Exact hardware specs were not revealed but the Windows 8 version of the Arrows Tab had a 10.1 inch screen, along with a front and rear facing camera, a MicroSD port and a MicroUSB port. Pricing was not announced either but it is expected to be released sometime later this fall.

Source: Engadget | Image via Engadget
Woman in bath image via Shutterstock

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