Absolute LoJack Challenge: What if you lost your cell phone?

Everyone knows that cell phones are big business for thieves. In some cities, this is such a large problem that police departments have created special groups dedicated to recovering stolen phones. While you may be able to recover a phone yourself, we really don't recommend it, so some other technical tools are in order.

Many of us have private data on these mobile devices, including usernames/passwords, access to our bank accounts, and photos and videos that we may not want out in the public. So what would you do (or have you done?) when you lose your cell phone? According to Absolute Software, an average of 1.6 phones are lost or stolen every second of every day, so the risk is very real.

To help highlight these risks, Absolute Software is running the "LoJack Challenge," and invited me to go #digitallydark for two days as a way to simulate losing the digital device. While I'll still have full access to my desktop, my mobile device will be completely unavailable. After writing about my "lost phone" experiences, they will then provide an evaluation copy of their LoJack software to review. Finally, they've agreed to provide five copies of their software (for either laptops or mobile devices) to our readers.

Source: Absolute LoJack | Image Courtesy of Absolute Software

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