Acer: Windows 8 tablets good for consumers and business

We’re still many, many months away from seeing the first Windows 8 systems going on sale, but manufacturers are already talking up the products that they’ll be launching with Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. Acer is no stranger to Windows, of course – it’s even launched a Windows 7 tablet, the W500 – and it believes that Windows 8 will be an offering that appeals to both consumers and business users.

Acer’s research, along with its current product mix and sales data, indicate that the appeal of Windows 7 tablets doesn’t extend much beyond business and corporate users (tell us something we don't know, right?); Acer’s Android tablets, however, have been better received by consumers.

A company spokesperson told TechRadar that, while Acer built its Windows 7 tablet without a clear understanding of who it would appeal to, “Windows 8 is already a completely different story. We think that Windows 8 tablets could well be a proposition for both consumers and professionals.”

That said, Microsoft admitted today that Windows 8 for ARM devices – which will include many tablets – does not include the remote management features that larger business and organisations demand, meaning that not all Windows 8 machines will be equally suited for both consumer and professional environments.

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