Acer (yes, Acer) thinks Windows 8 PC sales will do better in 2013

Of all the leaders of the various major PC OEM companies, none have been more critical of Microsoft and the launch of Windows 8 than Acer president JT Wong. He's frequently slammed Microsoft's Surface tablet and recently said that sales of Windows 8 PCs have not been successful so far, while atthe same time hyping the sales of the company Chromebook notebooks in the US.

Today, Wong seems to be singing a different tune as he now believes that Windows 8 will have a better chance at being successful sometime later this year. reports that in an interview today, Wong said he was "far more comfortable than previously" about the chances of Windows 8, especially in the second half of 2013.

Wong would not give specifics on why he has this sudden change in attitude towards Windows 8. One possible reason is the rumor that Microsoft will cut the price of Windows 8 for touchscreen PCs by 75 percent for OEM makers later in the year.

Even if Windows 8-based notebook sales do increase, Wong believes that Acer's notebook sales will only grow by the single digits in terms of percentages in 2013; Acer will reveal its fourth quarter 2012 financial results on March 19th.


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