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ActiveWin have just posted their 72-page, 200+ screenshot (Part 1) review of Microsoft Windows Vista, ActiveWin's largest and most in-depth review in ten years. In the review, we have broken down the information into 28 different sections, including (but not limited to): Windows Activation, Pricing, Installation, Daily Usage, Media Center, Windows Mail, DirectX 10, Gaming, Defender, IE 7, ReadyBoost, Developer Technologies, Sidebar, Windows Media Player 11, and much much more. Moreover, we have included respective screenshots where applicable. Here is an excerpt:

I would describe the Windows DVD Maker interface as straight forward because of its wizard based approach to creating a movie, the part where I probably got a confused is the options link located at the bottom of the window. Here you can personalize how your DVD is played, whether it starts with a menu, play and end with video or play in continuous loop. You can then choose your aspect ratio, 4:3 or 16:9 and then the Video format, NTSC (National Television System's Committee – color standard) or PAL (Phase alternation line – colour encoding system used in broadcast television systems). It's not so bad, if you find any of it confusing, you can click the "How do I change my DVD settings"? This will give a run down of what each setting does. I almost forgot, you can choose where temporary files are stored, in my case it's recommended, since the partition on which I am running Vista is very low on disk space.

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