Activision's Walking Dead FPS gets first leaked footage

In July, Activision announced that it would release a first person shooter based on the TV incarnation of The Walking Dead. Since then, there's been little info about that game. Now, someone has leaked some very early gameplay footage of the title, which is being developed by Terminal Reality.

The footage shows the player taking on the role of the popular character Daryl Dixon as he takes out some zombies in a small southern town. The beginning of the footage shows the player character having some kind of conversation with his brother Merle. The game is supposed to take place before the events of the TV series, when the two Dixon brothers were trying to survival outside of Atlanta and before they meet up with Rich Grimes and the rest of the TV cast.

Activision has said the game will force players to conserve and manage their ammo, food and other supplies as they encounter the undead and other human characters. It's scheduled to be released for the PC and other platforms sometime in 2013.

As we have mentioned in the past, this Walking Dead game will be much different than the episodic game that just finished its five part "season". That game, from developer Telltale Games, is an adventure title that uses the comic book version as its basis. Telltale has already said it will be releasing more games in the series in 2013.

Source: YouTube

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