Actress Chloë Grace Moretz gets a free Lumia 1520 after busting her iPhone

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Microsoft continues its journey towards wooing people over to the Windows Phone and Lumia world. Chloë Grace Moretz, a young actress, is one of them. The actress has recently received a brand new Lumia 1520, after she reportedly broke her iPhone.

The Windows Phone handset was just a part of the package sent to Moretz. She also received a letter from Microsoft sympathizing with her over the loss, while telling her "We think the Lumia 1520 is pretty great and hope you do, too." Moretz also incurred a few finger cuts over the broken handset, so Microsoft generously included a few first aid items, composed of band-aids and alcohol wipes.

Microsoft's letter to Moretz reads:

Hi Chloë,

We're sorry to hear that you smashed your new iPhone, so we thought we'd send you a little something to brighten up your day (and protect your hurt fingertips). We think the Lumia 1520 is pretty cool and hope you do, too.

And cheers to wrapping The 5th Wave-- we're big fans of Rick Yancey (and Gayle Forman, in fact), can't wait to check it out.

Your friends at Microsoft Lumia

[Lumia US]

Source and Image via Chloë Grace Moretz on Twitter

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