Additional Office 15 "Moorea" application images leak

When Microsoft launches Office 15 it will include a new application called "Moorea". While this may be a placeholder name or could represent the final product name, more images of the upcoming application have leaked out.

The images come courtesy of Windows8italia who leaked images yesterday of Office 15. The new images show more of the platform than we saw in the previous leak of "Moorea".


The tagline for "Moorea" is "everything you need in one place" which would mean that it is an aggregator of content. Most likely personal content that will allow you to place all of your information related to a topic into one, user defined, interface that allows you to quickly access all of your information about a particular topic. Imagine you are doing research on birds; You could have your documents, images, and videos all in one place.


Office 15 is still in early development and each image is most likely subject to change. The platform is expected to be released during 2012 but at this point, nothing has been confirmed.

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