Adobe acquire Nitobi Software and Typekit

Adobe has acquired ownership of Nitobi Software; the company most well known for creating the HTML5 mobile framework applications "PhoneGap" and "PhoneGap Build". The financial terms of the deal were not discussed, and the acquisition deal is expected to close by the end of October 2011.

As Business Wire reports, all of the current employees with Nitobi Software will be moved into Adobe. In addition, the company has announced its acquisition of Typekit, a web typography service that is well known for allowing access to fonts on websites such as Wordpress, without relying on users to have the fonts installed on their systems.

Adobe's acquisition of Nitobi Software gives them control of the two mobile applications the company is known for creating. The two applications are made to allow developers to build mobile applications using Javascript and HTML, from the convenience of their mobile device. By acquiring this, Adobe have given themselves large control over mobile development, as they will offer PhoneGap, as well as offering their own Adobe AIR products. The application is already integrated with Adobe's Dreamweaver program, so it only makes sense that they would aim to bring the entire product into their lineup.

Typekit, on the other hand, is perhaps not as expected an acquisition. As Business Wire reports, the service offers the ability to place fonts on webpages, and also to display them on other user's computers, without needing them installed. Typekit has become an integral part of multiple websites, including that of the New York Times, and also IGN. Typekit's chief executive officer, Jeffrey Veen, had the following to say:

“By joining Adobe, we are now an integral part of the worldwide leader in creative software, and as Adobe moves aggressively into cloud-based services, this will accelerate our vision of reinventing the look and feel of Web through creative and beautiful fonts,” said Jeffrey Veen, chief executive officer, Typekit. “This is an exciting time to be designing for the Web. As millions of new users come online via tablets and smartphones, capturing their attention via high-impact typography has never been more relevant.”

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