Adobe and Microsoft are now "married" with Flash update change

Adobe really, really wants to make sure that its Flash player works alongside Microsoft software products. The companies got Flash working for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 without the need for a third party plug-in product. However, before Windows 8 launched in late October, early users of the OS were concerned that Adobe was not updating Flash for Windows 8 at the same time as its other products.

Now, that problem seems to have been solved. reports, that according to a Adobe rep, "Starting with the next Flash Player security update, we plan to release regularly-scheduled security updates for Flash Player on 'Patch Tuesdays.'"

"Patch Tuesday" is the term that's used by others to describe Microsoft's monthly update of its software products, including its various versions of Windows. The next "Patch Tuesday" is coming up on November 13th.

In a statement, Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, made light of this update change by Adobe, saying, "Microsoft and Adobe are now officially married." He added that it was " ... inevitable that Adobe was going to be strong-armed into following Microsoft's patch cadence." Before now, Adobe basically updated Flash for its various platforms whenever it wanted to.

A Microsoft spokesperson is quoted as saying, "Our customers tell us that they strongly prefer a predictable cadence of security-update releases, and we aim to honor that preference."


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