Adobe is making collaboration easier in Premiere Pro

Adobe's Premiere Pro is one of the most commonly used video editing tools on the market, and the company today shared that 56% of movies at this year's Sundance Film Festival were brought to life using Premiere Pro. To go along with that, Adobe has announced a new feature called Productions, which was developed thanks to feedback from large filmmaking companies and Hollywood editorial teams.

Productions serve a multitude of purposes, but the core of the feature is that users can group multiple projects in a single production. This can be useful for movie editors to have different projects for different reels, or episodic shows to be grouped into seasons. In situations like the latter, productions allow editors to easily find and reuse assets like title sequences, and it can be done without duplicating those assets. That way, each individual project is lighter and faster. Content in productions can be managed and organized through a new Production panel, which is kept in perfect sync with the OS's folder structure.

Productions are also designed to make collaboration easier on large projects. They use local shared storage, so multiple users can access the production at the same time, but editors can lock individual projects, which prevents other users from making changes, but still gives them access to assets that can be reused.

Adobe says Productions will be available in Premiere Pro "soon", but that's about all the company is saying at this time.

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