Adobe Photoshop Express Now Live

Adobes Photoshop Express, its free, online version of Photoshop is live right now. Targeted at everyday consumers, its Photoshop stripped down to a pretty slick Flash 9-powered web app we got a demo of earlier today. Its super easy to crop, adjust saturation or exposure, or perform several other simple, but solid photo tweaks, like pop color (pictured). You wont be doing any heavy lifting with it, since you cant work with layers, add text or do anything really awesome, like amazing Giz-style comic bubbles, but your mom will be able to make her pictures look better than ever.

You get 2GB of free storage in a quasi-Flickr setup, and it syncs up with Facebook, MySpace and Picasa—it pulls straight from your albums, and any saved changes show right up. Flickr syncing will happen in a couple of weeks.

One of the best features is that any change is reversible, and in any order—you can always go back to your original photo, or any step of the editing process. And because its just a Flash 9 app, itll run on any browser on Windows, OS X or Linux. Right now, it isnt integrated with Photoshop, like say, .Mac. But thats coming. A service aimed at pro users, with more storage, serious backup and other pro features is in the works, though itll carry a fee. (BTW, if theres demand for more than 2GB free, theyll pony up.) Heres the whole press release, or you can just start playing with it right now.

Link: Adobe Photoshop Express

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