Adobe to bundle Google Toolbar

Google has reached an agreement with Adobe which will see future releases of Shockwave being distributed with the option to install the Google IE toolbar. Shockwave is a plugin used in browsers to display interactive content such as games and advertisment.

The deal comes as part of Google's attempt to have their toolbar installed everywhere around the world, although this current bundle will only be targeting it at users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This move is seen by some as a pre-emptive strike at Microsoft, who are releasing IE7 in the near future, which features MSN search as the default search provider.

The Google toolbar replaces the current offering of the Yahoo search toolbar, although Adobe Flash Player and Adobe PDF Reader will continue to bundle the Yahoo toolbar for the moment.

Google already have similar deals in place with Dell and Lexar, who both pre-install the Google Desktop search software on their products before delivering them to customers.

News source: Sci-Tech Today

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