Adobe to charge license fees for some games using Flash

Adobe is looking to generate some more revenues under a new plan that it announced today. Starting later this year, the company will begin to charge a license fee for game applications that use the "premium features" of its Flash Player software. Adobe says that the so-called premium parts of Flash Player's development tools include using the Stage3D features for hardware accelerated graphics along with domain memory, which converts games that were written originally in C/C++.

Adobe says that starting August 1, game developers and programmers that use both of these premium features in their games under Flash Player will have to pay a nine percent license fee if the net revenues of their games exceed $50,000. Games that are developed and released with these features with Flash Player before that date will not have to pay the fee. In addition, games that are developed on Adobe AIR that use these premium features will also not have to pay any fees to Adobe.

The company has been under increased pressure to generate more revenues, especially since Adobe decided to abandon developing future versions of Flash for mobile devices. In November, the company announced it was laying off 750 of its team members.

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