Adult material accessible on the Xbox 360, soon.

Adult content comes in many forms and is accessible anywhere in the world, thanks to the wonders of the internet. Soon you’ll be able to access the wonderful world of porn on the Xbox 360, thanks to the version of Internet Explorer coming (no pun intended) to the console.

"Making Xbox Sexy" - Definitely the better option

YouPorn recently blogged on how it is finally possible to access porn on the Xbox 360 console, with Microsoft working hard to take the attention away from the porn-enabling capabilities that IE will bring. Microsoft has said:

To be clear, we are adding Internet Explorer to Xbox Live, not specific adult content providers like YouPorn or any other specific website content. Additionally, we give members and parents the option to turn this feature on or off for their accounts. Access to Internet Explorer for all Child accounts is blocked by default.

Microsoft’s response is more than acceptable. It makes sense and is passing the responsibility to the parents or guardians to exercise caution in providing IE to their Xbox 360 using children. However, the internet isn’t just for porn so other filters might be necessary (and a better option) rather than just restricting access to the browser altogether.

At the end of the day though, it’s yet another way to gain access to the material other than on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or other consoles like the PS3 or the Wii. If someone wants to access the content, we’re sure they will choose a more practical device to complete their browsing needs. And that they will be able to circumvent any security that the 360 has in place.

Source: Ubergizmo | Image via Deviantart

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