Age of Empires Online to release major new patch

Its been over a month since developer Gas Powered Games and publisher Microsoft first launched Age of Empires Online, the free-to-play PC RTS game thats also a revival of the classic game series. Since then there hasnt been much news on the games current development but a new post this week on the games official message board reports that a major patch for Age of Empires Online is on its way and should be released by the end of this month.

The big change in the new patch is the addition of Legendary Mode. This will add "dozens of new Legendary rarity items" for players who have reached level 40. It will also add five new quests for those players in Cyprus for players who have completed the games Twelve Kingdoms sections. The new quests are described as "insanely hard" but details have yet to be announced.

Other changes that will be a part of the big patch include adding more XP and coin rewards for the games Defense of Crete mode, some changes and additions to the games Sparta PvP matchmaking, improvements to a large number of quests and being able to access the Gear Hall in all regions, but not in quests.

Microsoft has already announced that it will be adding more paid content to Age of Empires Online in the coming months including two new civilizations, a skirmish mode and more. So far Microsoft has not yet revealed just how many players have registered to play in Age of Empires Online.

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