AIM Beta 2

The AIM® service is all about helping you keep in touch with your buddies. Whether you're sending IMs, sharing photos or doing a voice chat we want to make it better.

Features include:

  • Sleek new design: New buttons, new layout, new color, new brand! Tell us what you think of our shiny gold look and the new layout.
  • Profiles, profiles, profiles: Connect with your buddies like never before. Customize your profile, get updates from other social networks, and more. Now, you'll never miss an update on AIM.
  • Status messages in the IM.
  • :) Emoticons: You asked, we answered.
  • AIM Blast: IM your friends, coworkers, or customers all at once, and all from the convenience of your Buddy List.
  • More goodies: Sign in as invisible, Ctrl + F to search your Buddy List, Search the web from the IM window.


  • Fixed an issue where your Buddy list would resize itself on Windows 7 if closed on first launch
  • Fixed it where toggling the display of Buddy Icons will now have an effect on AIM Blast conversations
  • Fixed an experience where switching from a saved away message to invisible and back to the same saved away message, you would be Away but using your old status message
  • Fixed the extra line that appeared between IMs if wallpaper was displayed
  • Fixed a bug where users were being switched from invisible to available when unlocking their PC
  • Fixed a problem where users with IE6 were having messages disappear in their IM history (this was the most reported bug)
  • Fixed a bug where the IM window would grow each time it was minimized and reopened
  • Open a new IM window and you'll see a large view of your friend's Buddy Icon
  • Identify new unread IM's easily with a large orange exclamation point, instead of green
  • Reduce or expand your IM window size to meet your viewing needs
  • Dock your Buddy List again to the left or right side of your screen

Download: AIM Beta 2 | 7.7 MB
View: AIM Website

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