Aliens: Colonial Marines gets February 12, 2013 release date

Gamers will have to wait just a little longer before they will be able to start quoting Private Hudson's favorite Aliens catch phrases again. Today, publisher Sega announced that Aliens: Colonial Marines, the long-in-development first person shooter from Gearbox Software, will finally be coming out on February 12, 2013. Previously, Sega had said the game would be out sometime in the fall of 2012.

The game was announced way back on December 15, 2006 but didn't get a full reveal until February 2008. However, it will still take a whopping five years after its full reveal before Aliens: Colonial Marines is finally in players' hands. Neither Gearbox nor Sega have said much about why the game has taken so long to develop. However, in a post today on Sega's website, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford said that the actual development time was about the same as other games the team has made:

The game’s development has been invigorating and natural relative to our experience making games and the objectives for it. Because the game was “announced” with that original press release, it might feel, to those of you who have been waiting for the game since then, that it has been in development a long time. In fact, with the release date now set, it turns out that the total development time we have spent creating Aliens: Colonial Marines is about the same length of time as we had spent creating the original Borderlands or the original Brothers in Arms – both games that we had waited to announce until we were much farther along in the development process.

Sega will release the Unreal Engine 3-based game for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. The company also released a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines that you can check out above.

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