Alienware Launches New Media Center Systems

Digital Home Entertainment Line Delivers Integrated Multimedia Experience

Alienware®, the leading manufacturer of high-performance computer desktop, mobile, and professional systems, announced today a new line of digital home entertainment solutions. The DHS-301 and DHS-311 media center systems feature a horizontal form factor traditionally associated with home audiovisual equipment to easily integrate into existing entertainment centers.

Alienware's new digital home systems provide customers with an unparalleled multimedia solution by combining the capabilities of individual audiovisual components such as DVD/CD players and recorders, radios, and a personal video recorder, similar to TiVo®, into one unit with a single user interface and remote control. The DHS-301 and DHS-311, featuring Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004, also deliver enhanced multimedia features that allow customers to store and record CDs and access thousands of on demand movie titles and music tracks via the internet. Additional features include the ability to view, store and record photo DVD/CDs, record, pause and play back live FM radio broadcasts, and play games in a comfortable living or family room setting.

"Alienware media center systems take home entertainment to the next level by incorporating advanced Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 features with innovative design, unsurpassed build quality and award-winning customer service," said Kevin Wasielewski, vice president of marketing for Alienware Corporation. "The Alienware digital home line of advanced media center systems delivers compelling integrated home entertainment solutions for a variety of multimedia needs."

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