Altec Lansing 621 Speakers Reviewed

PCREVIEWSPOT.COM has published an review over Altec Lansing's 621, 2.1, 200W speaker system. These speakers are top-notch when it comes to quality, and the 4 page review is worth a good read. Here's a quote:

"To be honest, when I first saw these speakers I wasn't expecting anything great out of them, but to my surprise the sound produced by the 621's is absolutely breath taking! The highs were high, low notes were thumped out beautifully by the subwoofer, and mid range was crystal clear. As this system is rated at 143W RMS, just for fun I cranked it up as lound as it would go...Can you say hearing damage!?

These speakers are louder than anyone will ever need, and the only distortion I noticed was when the volume was at the very last notch up. Playing games on these speakers was great. You could really hear every little thing in UT 2003..."

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