Amazon is once again selling its Echo Wall Clock

Announced in September alongside several other Alexa-enabled products, the Amazon Echo Wall Clock ended up having to be pulled from the online retailer due to connectivity issues. As spotted by The Verge today, the item is once again available for purchase.

Priced at an affordable $29.99, the Echo Wall Clock connects to existing Echo devices, using LED lights around the edges so you can see the status of a timer that you've set. Naturally, the hands on the clock are still there to tell you the time, just as you'd expect from a wall clock. Unfortunately, it's only compatible with Amazon's Echo products, including the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Input, meaning that you can't use it with third-party Alexa speakers.

If you've got an Echo speaker, which doesn't have a display like the Echo Show, using a timer can be a hassle. The only way to know how much time is left is to ask it, so that's the pain point that the Echo Wall Clock aims to solve.

If you want to check out the Echo Wall Clock on Amazon, you can find it here. It's shipping now for $29.99.

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